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EV Electric Vehicle Charging Point 

Welcome to Ash Ware Electrical, we offer a complete planning, installation, maintenance solution for Ev Electric Vehicle charging point  Ensuring you receive a high quality professional service at a reasonable price.

Our staff our trained to carry out site visits and offer a no obligation quotation to ensure you receive the correct system to maximise the charge time at your reduced rent it is also good to incorporate solar PV so you can charge the car for free in the day hugely reduce your energy bills.form the charging point

Solar Panels

Installing EV Chargers

We understand that the world is moving towards electric vehicles, and this means there is a need for new infrastructure. We can offer comprehensive charger installation in the Cannock and throughout Midlands.


Our team of highly qualified and experienced electricians will work with you to provide the best charger for your vehicle’s specifications, ensuring convenient and safe charging for your electric car.

Expert EV Charger Installation Tailored to You

Every premises and client has individual needs. Our trained electricians will work closely with you to advise the most suitable charger for your vehicle’s specifications and charging requirements. During installation, we will identify the best location for your EV charger at your property, taking into account factors like proximity to your parking space and the existing electrical infrastructure of your home or commercial premises.

Safe and Certified Installations

Our EV chargers and installations adhere to all the latest safety regulations. Our electricians are fully certified to complete the job at hand, ensuring complete peace of mind for our customers.

Benefits Your Own EV Charger


Having an EV charger at your home or business offers a wide range of benefits. You can enjoy the convenience of charging your car overnight and it allows for easy access to power externally for charging convenience. With your own installed charger, you’ll also no longer have to rely on finding public charging stations as often, saving time and money.

We are all concerned about rising prices and looking at methods to become more self sustainable and environmentally friendly. Solar offers a great solution but Ash Ware Electrical we give you are honest and upfront appraisal on the system we are looking to install.


The main questions customer commonly ask are:

  1. How much electricity will my system produce?

  2. How much money will I save in the long run?

  3. How long will it take to receive my return in my investment?

  4. What happens when there is no sun?

Solar Panel Systems

It is one of the greatest feelings to know, you are saving money on your spiralling energy bills, you are becoming independent from the energy providers who are increasing costs monthly. Not to mention the benefit of knowing you are moving to a green lifestyle by simply using the sun to power your home.

We install the solar panels on your roof and with the latest technology they still produce energy even in low light conditions. No matter what size your room it will help you save in the long run.

The most typical system we install is the 4KW Solar Panel installation. The system normally compromises of 10 Solar panels plus the Solis inverter.

This Fully installed, certified and configured system will cost around £6500 (2023)

Currently with the increasing prices to solar panel systems due to high demand of parts you will be looking at 7-10 year return on investment. The is figure will depend on your home and work lifestyle. Bear in mind with every energy unit price rise, you will receive a return quicker. Other factors like working from home and being in most of the day will also speed up your return as you are using the electricity as it is being produced.

If you would like further information, please get in touch today for a no obligation quote


John Street, Cannock,

WS11 5HP, UK


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